Boobies, Boobies, Boobies.
I very much enjoy the trash aesthetic and innocence of vintage men’s magazines, even though I am a female. It’s just the right amount of sleaze and beauty. This blog is all about the pictures, so if you’re into gorgeous boobs, some bush and healthy butts you’ll enjoy my additions to the Internet digital smut archive. I love searching for vintage magazines and scanning the images for everyone to see, and I try to fix the flaws to the best of my ability.

The idea is to share these amazing images with anyone who is interested in them as art or smut or whatever your take happens to be. So many of these magazines exist and I wanted to do my part to digitize them.

Check out all the pictures posted and more yet to be featured on The TrashPhile’s Flickr page, also download your faves!

Also check out The TrashPhile’s Tumblr and Pinterest 



That’s me, Stacy!

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