Consider The Derriere

“Drape it in a tight skirt. Wrap it in a whiff of a bikini. Flounce it out in lacey things. Leave it bare for all its intriguing beauty. No matter which way you like it, the derriere’s certainly a thing of beauty to behold. That fine rounded and sensuous aspect of a woman. How round it is, more like a blushingly ripe peach. How firm. How fascinating the play of muscles.”

They sure don’t write like this anymore.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A’Sea With Sheila

Welcome to Clover 1965! Here’s the first pictorial I’m featuring from the mag and it’s my favorite one. There’s so much that can be said about this pictorial and/or model Sheila Morgan, former bait shop bait catcher turned model. I guess the first thing that can be said is she’s just terrible, a really terrible model, and I’m so into it. I love her disgusted gaze and awkward poses. Her eyeliner is a bit sloppy and lingerie is barely interesting, but she really pulls it off. The whole package if you will. She’s sleaze personified. Pictorials like hers are why I enjoy collecting vintage nudie magazines. For some reason her lack of enthusiasm and large underpants make me so happy. Maybe because the pictures are genuine. Maybe because I am in love with the¬†amateur¬†aesthetic. I don’t know! But it’s honestly so artistic and beautiful, if only to me. I really do hope you love Sheila as much as I do, she’s trying real hard guys! Enjoy!

New Mag- Clover 1965

Quick post tonight, just an introduction to a new mag Clover 1965! Here’s the cover, back and centerfold. I quickly looked and couldn’t tell if she has an article or not. It’s not uncommon for the cover girl not to be in the magazine beyond that one picture. I’ll keep you posted of course. Look out for the first pictorial from Clover 1965 later in the week. Enjoy!