Terry Lynn from Mr. 1965

Happy Labor Day guys! Here’s a lil post for ya, not a quickie but not as many pics as other posts. I gotta get on the scanning, I’m sitting on a good amount of titty mags!

Terry Lynn is from a small town in Maryland, and as a teen after a disastrous flood she helped her fellow townspeople by taxing them around. But now she lives in California and she is enjoying dating around “and not any ONE man yet either. That’s for later.”  Adorable Terry Lynn is from Mr. Jan 1965. This one doesn’t have as much content as other magazines of the era, although I do like the graphic layouts. This one with Terry Lynn on the left next to her write up looks pretty nice and retro. I love her adorable smile and hope you will too, Enjoy!

Mr. 1965 Mandy Escamilla

I just scanned a magazine called Mr. from 1965 and although the pictures are great the actual mag is light on content. The reason I got the mag is because it features a woman named Mandy Escamilla; a friend of mine has the exact same name so I figured it was fate and I had to own it. Turns out theres only two pages dedicated to Ms Escamilla, but they’re definitely worth it. Also included in this issue is two pictorials featuring two adorable blondes. Here’s a super mini bonus post featuring Ms Mandy Escamilla’s two amazing pages. This week will feature another post, the rest of Mr. 1965, including the cover. Enjoy!