Twinkle Toes!

Deirdre D’Agneau’s pictorial is only four pictures, one of them color, but they pack a punch. Her article explains she is an ex-ballerina because as she hit puberty she became top heavy, something you can check out for yourself. Her pictures have a sweet innocence often seen in the 60’s, with her cute smile, soft make up and ease in front of the camera. A quick search yielded me nothing in the way of information about her; I would be willing to bet she only modeled a few times. I’m gonna have to start scanning a new mag, as there’s only a few more short pictorials left in Gentlemen Yearbook. My goal is more content, to keep ya’ll warm this winter, so keep an eye out. Enjoy!

New Mag Gentlemen Year Book 1966

I literally didn’t realize how long it’s been since I have posted. I thought it had been like two months! The hiatus hasn’t been for lack of content, living in SF gives me plenty of vintage smut resources. Until all the smut stores are forced out in favor of luxury hi-rises of course.

Enough of me, on to Gentlemen Year Book 1966! A volume featuring their best for 1966 including some great pictures. As I always do here’s the cover and first pictorial. This first pictorial features Ivy Gentry, a young looking 18 year old, something they definitely highlight. Check out her adorable pictorial here! Enjoy!


Consider The Derriere

“Drape it in a tight skirt. Wrap it in a whiff of a bikini. Flounce it out in lacey things. Leave it bare for all its intriguing beauty. No matter which way you like it, the derriere’s certainly a thing of beauty to behold. That fine rounded and sensuous aspect of a woman. How round it is, more like a blushingly ripe peach. How firm. How fascinating the play of muscles.”

They sure don’t write like this anymore.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A’Sea With Sheila

Welcome to Clover 1965! Here’s the first pictorial I’m featuring from the mag and it’s my favorite one. There’s so much that can be said about this pictorial and/or model Sheila Morgan, former bait shop bait catcher turned model. I guess the first thing that can be said is she’s just terrible, a really terrible model, and I’m so into it. I love her disgusted gaze and awkward poses. Her eyeliner is a bit sloppy and lingerie is barely interesting, but she really pulls it off. The whole package if you will. She’s sleaze personified. Pictorials like hers are why I enjoy collecting vintage nudie magazines. For some reason her lack of enthusiasm and large underpants make me so happy. Maybe because the pictures are genuine. Maybe because I am in love with the amateur aesthetic. I don’t know! But it’s honestly so artistic and beautiful, if only to me. I really do hope you love Sheila as much as I do, she’s trying real hard guys! Enjoy!

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

OMG how rad is this review for “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”?!!?!?!! The pictorials in Best of Topper 1966 are amazing, but the main reason I bought this magazine is for the FPKK article. I really love the graphic design layout of this article, the black blood splatter looks great. It’s one of the first exploitation movies I ever saw or heard about, I’m sure thats true for a lot of people. As someone who learned about exploitation and 60’s smut on my own, because it’s a few generations removed from my own, this film is very important. It gives people a first glance into Russ Meyer and how awesome/cheesy/badass exploitation can be. Russ Meyer made some great films, but this is the only one without nudity, and I really feel it stands on its own without it, maybe that’s the point. An amazing film from an amazing director/photographer. This is the last of Topper 1966; I’ll be starting a new mag next week, yay! Enjoy!

Navel Engagement

A ‘smashing belly dancer’s contest featuring eight of Gotham’s loveliest torso twisters’ is the subject of this pictorial from Topper 1966. I really like the artistic black and white photography, but unfortunately there isn’t any nudity, so this is a bonus post. The article about the contest is short if you’re interested in reading it. Enjoy!

Paula On Politics

Paula Wister is a political science major with high hopes and a beautiful smile. She has an adorable beehive-ey hairdo and the best eyeliner in all of Topper 1966. I love her adorable pink frilly nightie thing in the second picture, where can I get one, ha! Soo cute you guys. I wonder if she was ever ran for office, she had such high hopes in 1966.

Have a great Labor Day US readers, and I thank you for choosing The TrashPhile for you vintage titty needs! Enjoy!

Office Party- Topper 1966

It’s Christmastime and all your lady co-workers are getting naked! I am not sure why the guys are still fully clothed, what a disappointment. I love the styling of this pictorial, it’s so 60’s office trash chic, like “I’m at work but I’m drunk so my garters are showing” (well I guess more than garters are showing) I really get the sense that these co-workers enjoy each other’s company, maybe even beyond work hours! The 60’s party wear, great hairdos, office decoration as well as graphic design make this pictorial really special. I am so happy to share it with you, I hope you love the aesthetic as much as I do. Enjoy!