New Mag- Clover 1965

Quick post tonight, just an introduction to a new mag Clover 1965! Here’s the cover, back and centerfold. I quickly looked and couldn’t tell if she has an article or not. It’s not uncommon for the cover girl not to be in the magazine beyond that one picture. I’ll keep you posted of course. Look out for the first pictorial from Clover 1965 later in the week. Enjoy!

New Mag- Best Of Topper 1966

Woo guys new magazine day! This one is Topper 1966, my second issue of Topper so far. Actually I don’t think I have any doubles yet, so its my first second issue. This mag is kinda short but has mostly color photos, which is pretty rad, they look great! I’m pretty excited about this one actually, I know you’re gonna love it. This particular post is going to be a bit different, I am adding two cartoons and four back of the mag adverts. Usually forget about the extras and move onto the next mag, but they’re still cool stuff to see, I love the retro art and advertising style. The other picture that’s not the cover/back of the mag is an interesting collage that goes along with story titled ‘The Vegas Virgin’

Get excited for The Best Of Topper Vol1 1966, Enjoy!

Topper 1965 and Laura Eden

New magazine day! Although I’m starting a new mag today, there’s one or two pictorials left for Rapture. I was thinking for variety sake I would introduce something new. I might get back to it, but if I don’t the pictures I haven’t blogged yet are available to view in my Imgur account, along with other pics. I will include the cover/back first then a pictorial, with cropped pics then the layout pictorial.

Bare Skin in Gotham Starring Laura Eden is a short write up about a movie Laura starred in called “Laura Eden’s Magic” and talks about the trend of making ‘nudie’ movies; I couldn’t find any info on the film. It’s kinda weird to me that they state “in spite of the fact that they now no longer generate the heat they once did- at least in print” mostly because ‘nudie’ movies were still kinda new in 1965, perhaps because there wasn’t mainstream penetration at the time? They go on to say “There isn’t much else to say…but that it’s worth looking at. After all, what are girls for?” which I think is the funniest part of the article. The actual write up is pretty short, feel free to read and comment about your take on it. Laura is adorbs, and I’m sure you’ll like her pics as much as I do. Enjoy!

New Magazine- Rapture from 1963

New magazine day! I am really excited about this new mag Rapture from 1963. It’s a Parliament Publication- those are my absolute fave! So this post is the cover/back and a few other pics that I can’t find any credits for; it’s kind of a random mix. I am also pretty sure that the cover girl isn’t in the mag, as well as the centerfold. Parliament has such a beautifully innocent trashy aesthetic and its just great. If you look in the archives Pagan from 1965 is also one of their publications. I know you’re gonna love this magazine as much as I do, the ladies are adorbs, along with the styling, art direction, sets, makeup- all of it! Enjoy!

Spree 1961

New magazine- Spree No. 2 from 1961. This mag only has a few pictorials, but I thought it was definitely worth adding to my collection. It also has some rad illustrations and a few weird vintage ads. Thought I’d post the cover along with a few random pics that don’t really fit else where. Enjoy!

King’s Man 1960

New magazine day! I just scanned/edited King’s Man #9 from 1960 and the pictures are wonderful 60’s smut. I’m only going to post three pics tonight, as the cover girl/pin up doesn’t have her own write up and I can’t find her name anywhere. I hope I will be able to find her name and update this post in the future.  So tonight is just a quickie. I haven’t joined a centerfold in a while, its a new skill for me. I like to think it came out ok. Hope you’re looking forward to the rest of the mag! Enjoy!

Back Cover

Mid Week Quickie!

I just scanned a new mini-mag called Forms In Color, it’s just pictures though, no silly write ups even. So here’s a few pics from it! It’s from 1966 Denmark, and I think the ladies look a lil European. Enjoy!









New Mag- All Man July 1968

New magazine alert! I found this awesome mag, All Man July 1968, recently at my fave SF nudie magazine store- Kayo Books. I really should introduce myself to someone at Kayo, I spend so much money on mags there. I wanted to show off the cover for All Man 68. I just finished scanning and editing the mag tonight! I am excited to share the contents! Enjoy!

New Mag- Pagan!

I have a few new magazines, but I wanted to start with my fave so far Pagan (1965) from Parliament, who I’m quickly learning are like the best. This magazine is so adorably trashy! My fave girl, Candy Penrose, is the cover girl. My copy is Vol 2 No 4, I’m quite excited there’s other issues of Pagan, every page is great. For this post I am going to feature June Brighton and her motorcycle, and leave Candy for another day, just so we all have something to look forward to. June is from Seattle and loves to ride motorcycles apparently. She loves going fast! The less than a paragraph write up explains she loves hot rods because of her brothers and became a fan of motorcycles because she is a secretary for a dealer. Although later in the write up it says she has recently been selling them because she “knows the language and statistics” whatever that means. Her pictorial with her posing with her motorcycle is adorable. Enjoy!

Cover of Pagan featuring Candy Penrose!

June Brighton