New Mag- Pagan!

I have a few new magazines, but I wanted to start with my fave so far Pagan (1965) from Parliament, who I’m quickly learning are like the best. This magazine is so adorably trashy! My fave girl, Candy Penrose, is the cover girl. My copy is Vol 2 No 4, I’m quite excited there’s other issues of Pagan, every page is great. For this post I am going to feature June Brighton and her motorcycle, and leave Candy for another day, just so we all have something to look forward to. June is from Seattle and loves to ride motorcycles apparently. She loves going fast! The less than a paragraph write up explains she loves hot rods because of her brothers and became a fan of motorcycles because she is a secretary for a dealer. Although later in the write up it says she has recently been selling them because she “knows the language and statistics” whatever that means. Her pictorial with her posing with her motorcycle is adorable. Enjoy!

Cover of Pagan featuring Candy Penrose!

June Brighton

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