Beach Babe in Pagan!

This second photo set from Pagan 1965 features Stephanie, who just moved to LA from Kansas. Her article explains that she loves the beach as well as the California sun and bought her house by the beach so she could enjoy the beautiful La Jolla coast as much as possible. She works as “an operator of an electronic computer which catalogs incoming parts” I love that they explain what the “electronic computer” does, I also love that they say “she is happy with her work” I assume a lady that is happy to work is something men are looking for. The pictures feature her romping around the beach, although not in a bikini, she is in lingerie, well on the bottom half.  I think its so adorable that she describes herself as a “beach bug” or at least thats what the article says. Her super cute brown sky high hair is great and I love the attitude she exudes in her pictures, she’s such a badass with her heels and hose.  Enjoy!

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