Keep Cool, Kathleen

Keep Cool, Kathleen is a great pictorial from All Man July 1968. Kathleen’s pictorial was a submission by her boyfriend. The article says she is a 21 year old coed from LA who’s boyfriend thinks she’s really pretty, which is apparently pretty much the only requirement for submissions to All Man magazine.  I like the story they present, that they feature ladies from all over America, and like to cover a variety of cities, small and large. I bet they received a lot of submissions from people in LA and I think it’s great that amateur photographers were able to get into a nationwide publication, something that was harder in those days. The access of information that we have today provides people a way to contact and get involved with creative professionals, it had to be a pretty big deal to get into any magazine back then. My other fave thing about this pictorial is how grumpy she looks, not that anyone needs to smile to be beautiful, but she just looks upset. ‘Fine, whatever, take my picture’  Enjoy!

New Mag- All Man July 1968

New magazine alert! I found this awesome mag, All Man July 1968, recently at my fave SF nudie magazine store- Kayo Books. I really should introduce myself to someone at Kayo, I spend so much money on mags there. I wanted to show off the cover for All Man 68. I just finished scanning and editing the mag tonight! I am excited to share the contents! Enjoy!

So much bush!

I am currently editing a new magazine I scanned last week, but I wanted to share something totally new. This is the first post featuring actual vaginas! I went to a vintage paper fair about a year ago and bought these nudie magazine cut-outs, they are taped to 3 hole punched printer paper. I thought they were interesting, in a super trashy way, even the presentation. I have no idea who the ladies are or where the pictures came from; they seem to be around 1960’s /1970’s. The poses are interesting, there’s a lot of presenting, I imagine they’re thinking ‘look at my vagina please’ or ‘here it is’ they are just holding them open but its not the most erotic presentation, at least from my point of view. Although, they are beautiful women who seem to enjoy being on display. Enjoy!

Adam and Six Eves

This pictorial is a series of photos taken behind the scenes of the “nudie” film- Adam and Six Eves. I suppose I shouldn’t do a write up of a film I haven’t seen, but this is more of a paraphrasing of a review of a movie I haven’t seen. They say that the same basic movie-making patterns apply as larger productions, but “with a speeded-up shooting schedule and a low budget , making it most imperative that each scene be just right on the first try” I think this is a lil over simplified statement on filmmaking. What makes these movies “worse” is not having the budget for more takes, or more time for rehearsal/film/time to get scenes perfect, therefore they have to accept mediocre performances, based on the the budgeted shooting schedule. Honestly I love the “nudies” or sexploitation films of the 1960’s, its definitely my fave genre. I couldn’t find a copy of this particular film or even a tailer to accompany this post, just a one-sheet poster that I will include at the end of the fabulous photos of the actresses. These movies are all about the girls, something that I like, they should be the center of attention; what good are boobs if they aren’t being complimented or stared at? Enjoy!

Mr. 1965 Mandy Escamilla

I just scanned a magazine called Mr. from 1965 and although the pictures are great the actual mag is light on content. The reason I got the mag is because it features a woman named Mandy Escamilla; a friend of mine has the exact same name so I figured it was fate and I had to own it. Turns out theres only two pages dedicated to Ms Escamilla, but they’re definitely worth it. Also included in this issue is two pictorials featuring two adorable blondes. Here’s a super mini bonus post featuring Ms Mandy Escamilla’s two amazing pages. This week will feature another post, the rest of Mr. 1965, including the cover. Enjoy!