Adam and Six Eves

This pictorial is a series of photos taken behind the scenes of the “nudie” film- Adam and Six Eves. I suppose I shouldn’t do a write up of a film I haven’t seen, but this is more of a paraphrasing of a review of a movie I haven’t seen. They say that the same basic movie-making patterns apply as larger productions, but “with a speeded-up shooting schedule and a low budget , making it most imperative that each scene be just right on the first try” I think this is a lil over simplified statement on filmmaking. What makes these movies “worse” is not having the budget for more takes, or more time for rehearsal/film/time to get scenes perfect, therefore they have to accept mediocre performances, based on the the budgeted shooting schedule. Honestly I love the “nudies” or sexploitation films of the 1960’s, its definitely my fave genre. I couldn’t find a copy of this particular film or even a tailer to accompany this post, just a one-sheet poster that I will include at the end of the fabulous photos of the actresses. These movies are all about the girls, something that I like, they should be the center of attention; what good are boobs if they aren’t being complimented or stared at? Enjoy!

One thought on “Adam and Six Eves

  1. I enjoy this era of movies, and yes, they were low budget. It is a true form of entertainment. Great post…

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