Witch Without a Stitch in Pagan

Julie Barton just can’t find anything to wear! According to her pictorial write up she works the graveyard shift at a doctor’s telephone service, whatever that means. Apparently she only has Monday evenings free for dates, in case any readers are looking to take her out I suppose. Julie likes to lounge around her apartment in the nude! Wow! But on the rare occasion she is able to go out on the town she enjoys ‘real party dresses’ or formal wear. She is a true Georgia peach, but you couldn’t tell it from the pictures! Enjoy!

Candy Penrose!!!

It’s been way too long! Waaaaay too long! But it’s gonna be worth the wait because Candy Penrose is the best ever! She’s the reason I bought the Pagan magazine, as she’s on the cover. I have the biggest straight girl crush on her, she is my smut hero. She portrays so much attitude in her pictorial, I love it. The write up says she loves the beach and also loves to go rock hunting in the mountains. Apparently she likes to find stones and polish them to make into jewelry. A lot of the time the write ups seem so fake, like ‘she is so into motorcycles’ just stories to make guys think the girl in the pictures is so great, but the rock hunting hobby is so interesting and different I really think it’s real. I hope she’s hiking in her high heels, nylons and eyeliner gathering rocks, cuz you always gotta look cute. Enjoy!

Femme Flashbulb Frolic 1965

A Chicago press/advertising industry party is the subject of this pictorial. The ladies featured are models, show biz girls, and ‘entertainers’ looking for their big break, and trying to impress the men who can take them places. The write up explains that parties like this have resulted in many ladies successful modeling careers because they are able to catch the eye of commercial photographers and ‘ad men.’ The pictures depict what looks like a pretty rad party form 1965, some girls wearing pasties, some not, but all running around having a great time with older men who are fully clothed. Although, like the article says, there are a few male models looking for their big break as well. Looks like a pretty swinging party! My fave is the chick smoking with her pasties on like its not a big deal, love! Enjoy!

Ballroom Dance of a Buff Doll

These two Italians from the mag Pagan love dancing! They’re former circus performers who were raised in show business and decided to adapt their favorite routines for the strip club, a pretty interesting way to grow your audience. Nita Natale and Anthony Salisi are a super adorable couple and look like they really love to dance. The article says they’re devoted to show biz and always put their act first, it even says they aren’t romantically involved, they really are all business. The pictorial is great, I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing a fully clothed guy with an almost nude lady dancing around him, it seems so unfair, why isn’t he scantily clad too? But the pictures are still pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Beach Babe in Pagan!

This second photo set from Pagan 1965 features Stephanie, who just moved to LA from Kansas. Her article explains that she loves the beach as well as the California sun and bought her house by the beach so she could enjoy the beautiful La Jolla coast as much as possible. She works as “an operator of an electronic computer which catalogs incoming parts” I love that they explain what the “electronic computer” does, I also love that they say “she is happy with her work” I assume a lady that is happy to work is something men are looking for. The pictures feature her romping around the beach, although not in a bikini, she is in lingerie, well on the bottom half.  I think its so adorable that she describes herself as a “beach bug” or at least thats what the article says. Her super cute brown sky high hair is great and I love the attitude she exudes in her pictures, she’s such a badass with her heels and hose.  Enjoy!