Candy Penrose!!!

It’s been way too long! Waaaaay too long! But it’s gonna be worth the wait because Candy Penrose is the best ever! She’s the reason I bought the Pagan magazine, as she’s on the cover. I have the biggest straight girl crush on her, she is my smut hero. She portrays so much attitude in her pictorial, I love it. The write up says she loves the beach and also loves to go rock hunting in the mountains. Apparently she likes to find stones and polish them to make into jewelry. A lot of the time the write ups seem so fake, like ‘she is so into motorcycles’ just stories to make guys think the girl in the pictures is so great, but the rock hunting hobby is so interesting and different I really think it’s real. I hope she’s hiking in her high heels, nylons and eyeliner gathering rocks, cuz you always gotta look cute. Enjoy!

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