Mid Week Quickie!

I just scanned a new mini-mag called Forms In Color, it’s just pictures though, no silly write ups even. So here’s a few pics from it! It’s from 1966 Denmark, and I think the ladies look a lil European. Enjoy!









Nude Curves in Outer Space

Shirley Andrews’s pictorial is one of my faves from All Man 1968. I love her sixites styling and hair complete with bow and flip. I couldn’t find any info on her even though her write up says she is regarded as Britain’s future “Queen of Cinema” and talks about the film she had coming out in 1968. Sounded like a good movie too, it was about space and featured nude scenes, but Shirley insists they’re tasteful. They even say she turned down roles previously, seems like it was probably a bad career move. I hope someday I’ll find her film “Assignment-Moon” but until then here’s her tasteful pictorial. Enjoy!

Dashing Home to Lili

I totally didn’t mean to take a whole week off, oops! I was in Las Vegas last weekend for memorial day, then got busy and thought it was late enough in the week I’d just wait till Sunday. I get the most readers on Sundays or Mondays, and I like to give you guys what you want! If you’re ever hurting for vintage boobs in between updates I have a Tumblr.

This pictorial from All Man 68 features Lili Dachee, and the write up is only a short paragraph. I am thinking they didn’t get much info from the photographer about her beyond her measurements. It was probably a set of pictures purchased from the photographer, the write up being an after thought. Lili’s pictures protray her as a super trashy looking blonde. Although this is a 60’s mag she has on high waisted underpants that totally look 80’s; a look I think is super unflattering. Her skirt and boots and hair are adorably 60’s and look great! She has a few different outfits on, it almost looks like they’re taken from different sessions. I wonder if there’s more of her out there, hidden in some garage or attic or dirty mag store. For now this is all I can seem to find, or at least that’s labeled with the name Lili Dachee. Enjoy!