Dashing Home to Lili

I totally didn’t mean to take a whole week off, oops! I was in Las Vegas last weekend for memorial day, then got busy and thought it was late enough in the week I’d just wait till Sunday. I get the most readers on Sundays or Mondays, and I like to give you guys what you want! If you’re ever hurting for vintage boobs in between updates I have a Tumblr.

This pictorial from All Man 68 features Lili Dachee, and the write up is only a short paragraph. I am thinking they didn’t get much info from the photographer about her beyond her measurements. It was probably a set of pictures purchased from the photographer, the write up being an after thought. Lili’s pictures protray her as a super trashy looking blonde. Although this is a 60’s mag she has on high waisted underpants that totally look 80’s; a look I think is super unflattering. Her skirt and boots and hair are adorably 60’s and look great! She has a few different outfits on, it almost looks like they’re taken from different sessions. I wonder if there’s more of her out there, hidden in some garage or attic or dirty mag store. For now this is all I can seem to find, or at least that’s labeled with the name Lili Dachee. Enjoy!

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