A’Sea With Sheila

Welcome to Clover 1965! Here’s the first pictorial I’m featuring from the mag and it’s my favorite one. There’s so much that can be said about this pictorial and/or model Sheila Morgan, former bait shop bait catcher turned model. I guess the first thing that can be said is she’s just terrible, a really terrible model, and I’m so into it. I love her disgusted gaze and awkward poses. Her eyeliner is a bit sloppy and lingerie is barely interesting, but she really pulls it off. The whole package if you will. She’s sleaze personified. Pictorials like hers are why I enjoy collecting vintage nudie magazines. For some reason her lack of enthusiasm and large underpants make me so happy. Maybe because the pictures are genuine. Maybe because I am in love with the amateur aesthetic. I don’t know! But it’s honestly so artistic and beautiful, if only to me. I really do hope you love Sheila as much as I do, she’s trying real hard guys! Enjoy!

New Mag- Clover 1965

Quick post tonight, just an introduction to a new mag Clover 1965! Here’s the cover, back and centerfold. I quickly looked and couldn’t tell if she has an article or not. It’s not uncommon for the cover girl not to be in the magazine beyond that one picture. I’ll keep you posted of course. Look out for the first pictorial from Clover 1965 later in the week. Enjoy!

Navel Engagement

A ‘smashing belly dancer’s contest featuring eight of Gotham’s loveliest torso twisters’ is the subject of this pictorial from Topper 1966. I really like the artistic black and white photography, but unfortunately there isn’t any nudity, so this is a bonus post. The article about the contest is short if you’re interested in reading it. Enjoy!

Paula On Politics

Paula Wister is a political science major with high hopes and a beautiful smile. She has an adorable beehive-ey hairdo and the best eyeliner in all of Topper 1966. I love her adorable pink frilly nightie thing in the second picture, where can I get one, ha! Soo cute you guys. I wonder if she was ever ran for office, she had such high hopes in 1966.

Have a great Labor Day US readers, and I thank you for choosing The TrashPhile for you vintage titty needs! Enjoy!

Bunny Hops To Vegas

Here we have an amazing pictorial shot by Bunny Yeager in vintage Vegas. The shots are great of course and I love the vegas backdrop. This pictorial has a great time capsule feel to it. I like how they say “The famous camera of the most famous woman photographer scans the femscape of gamblersville!” It’s all about the colors, styling and of course the ladies! Enjoy!

Kathy Says

Kathy Noland has a lot to say in Topper 1966. Her pictorial is pretty short but I love the write up Topper has for her-

“Consider her eyes, deep purple, of course, and flashing with a hidden promise. Consider her nose and those pouting lips…Man this girl has got it! And those legs! And her breasts, those veritable moons of paradise! No wonder they’re chasing Kathy all over town. And how do we know? Kathy told us so.”

That writing is just great. “…those veritable moons of paradise” man I wish I was that good! Enjoy!

Deep Drink of Revenge

Yet another fiction piece plus pictures of unnamed nude ladies from Gusto 1963. I really think you’ll like this one though, there’s tons of pics and most of them are different models. I wish I knew who they were but I am thinking they might have been one time models and the mag didn’t have enough of any one model for a whole pictorial. One of the pictures is split between two pages so I’ll include the stitched up pic also. The girls are all super cute and the pictorial features a variety of looks. Short post but lots o pics! Have a great Fourth of July weekend and enjoy!

Misfortune is a Dark-Eyed Maiden

Great news- after a little over a year and a half of running this blog I finally registered www.thetrashphile.com!!! I am so excited, it’s pretty cool having my own domain. I have been thinking about making a Facebook page related to the blog, although I am not sure how much I would actually be able to post, just thinking creatively about how to promote the blog.

This article/pictorial from Gusto is another work of fiction with attached nudie pics. The woman associated with this story is the cover model also, she has a great beehive hairdo and huge grannie panties with garters. I love her beautiful eyes and sweet smile, she’s so adorable! I hope you like her huge lacy underpants as much as I do, if not more. Enjoy!

Pocketful of Pleasure

Happy Memorial Day fellow smut lovers! I am in vegas not enjoying the sun, but enjoying the seediness of downtown. I brought my laptop just so I could post for ya. I didn’t read the article because the mag is at home but from what I can gather its some sort of story with titty pics to go along with it? You can prob zoom in enough to read it, I have drinks and table games to get back to. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, Enjoy!