Topper Throws a Year End Bash

This is a staged new year’s party pictorial celebrating 1965. It’s an interesting look into what a new year’s party from the 60’s might be like, although I feel like there’d be less nudity, depending on who’s house you were at. The pictures are a rad time capsule and I like that a few are actually in color. Also, if the ladies are getting naked, why aren’t the men?

I’ll leave you with this excerpt before the pictures…

“Tomorrow begins another fiscal, but the night -and most of the morning- belongs to the hedonists of the world…May your glass be ever filled with the wine of good cheer and may the girls brighten your life- every time. ’65’s the time to be alive!”

The pictorial is in the correct order, as it appears in Topper. Enjoy!

Blonde with a Mint Twist

Wow, way too long guys! I actually picked up some new mags this weekend, but I have a few more pictorials to post from Rapture, so I better get going on that! This post is all about Sherri Scott, who is a model from Brooklyn and is described in the first sentence as ‘pert.’ She’s studying ‘dramatics’ and hopes to become an actress, but I guess for now she’s settling for modeling. Apparently she loves football, both New York teams, which is adorbs. I love her pictures, she’s got a great hair flip and is in a sexy hat and super long thigh highs, underpants and gloves. She has a super cute sixties style, I’m loving her makeup. I’d say my fave pic is the green tinted candy one, I know this pictorial is one everyone will like, she’s a great model. Enjoy!

Champ of the 3 Cushion Shot

Hey guys, I haven’t had too much time lately to write blog posts, but I do have lots of stuff scanned. So I was thinking I could do a few quickie posts, who has time to read anyway?! Here is Cathy Channing from Rapture 1963 messing up the felt on the pool table at The San Francisco Athletic Club. Enjoy!

Smoke Signals 1968

Here’s another pictorial form All Man 1968 featuring Susan Aske from Atlanta. The write up doesn’t provide much info about Susan, just that after sitting for her pictures she almost didn’t let the mag publish them. Im glad she changed her mind, I love her sixties beehive hair do and super cute underpants/lingerie. She is beautiful in the few pictures featured, and although you can tell she isn’t a pro she gives some great sensuous looks at the camera. Also note the sixties ‘fire’ graphics, what a great time capsule spread. Enjoy!











Dashing Home to Lili

I totally didn’t mean to take a whole week off, oops! I was in Las Vegas last weekend for memorial day, then got busy and thought it was late enough in the week I’d just wait till Sunday. I get the most readers on Sundays or Mondays, and I like to give you guys what you want! If you’re ever hurting for vintage boobs in between updates I have a Tumblr.

This pictorial from All Man 68 features Lili Dachee, and the write up is only a short paragraph. I am thinking they didn’t get much info from the photographer about her beyond her measurements. It was probably a set of pictures purchased from the photographer, the write up being an after thought. Lili’s pictures protray her as a super trashy looking blonde. Although this is a 60’s mag she has on high waisted underpants that totally look 80’s; a look I think is super unflattering. Her skirt and boots and hair are adorably 60’s and look great! She has a few different outfits on, it almost looks like they’re taken from different sessions. I wonder if there’s more of her out there, hidden in some garage or attic or dirty mag store. For now this is all I can seem to find, or at least that’s labeled with the name Lili Dachee. Enjoy!

So much bush!

I am currently editing a new magazine I scanned last week, but I wanted to share something totally new. This is the first post featuring actual vaginas! I went to a vintage paper fair about a year ago and bought these nudie magazine cut-outs, they are taped to 3 hole punched printer paper. I thought they were interesting, in a super trashy way, even the presentation. I have no idea who the ladies are or where the pictures came from; they seem to be around 1960’s /1970’s. The poses are interesting, there’s a lot of presenting, I imagine they’re thinking ‘look at my vagina please’ or ‘here it is’ they are just holding them open but its not the most erotic presentation, at least from my point of view. Although, they are beautiful women who seem to enjoy being on display. Enjoy!

Mr. 1965 Mandy Escamilla

I just scanned a magazine called Mr. from 1965 and although the pictures are great the actual mag is light on content. The reason I got the mag is because it features a woman named Mandy Escamilla; a friend of mine has the exact same name so I figured it was fate and I had to own it. Turns out theres only two pages dedicated to Ms Escamilla, but they’re definitely worth it. Also included in this issue is two pictorials featuring two adorable blondes. Here’s a super mini bonus post featuring Ms Mandy Escamilla’s two amazing pages. This week will feature another post, the rest of Mr. 1965, including the cover. Enjoy!

Witch Without a Stitch in Pagan

Julie Barton just can’t find anything to wear! According to her pictorial write up she works the graveyard shift at a doctor’s telephone service, whatever that means. Apparently she only has Monday evenings free for dates, in case any readers are looking to take her out I suppose. Julie likes to lounge around her apartment in the nude! Wow! But on the rare occasion she is able to go out on the town she enjoys ‘real party dresses’ or formal wear. She is a true Georgia peach, but you couldn’t tell it from the pictures! Enjoy!

Beach Babe in Pagan!

This second photo set from Pagan 1965 features Stephanie, who just moved to LA from Kansas. Her article explains that she loves the beach as well as the California sun and bought her house by the beach so she could enjoy the beautiful La Jolla coast as much as possible. She works as “an operator of an electronic computer which catalogs incoming parts” I love that they explain what the “electronic computer” does, I also love that they say “she is happy with her work” I assume a lady that is happy to work is something men are looking for. The pictures feature her romping around the beach, although not in a bikini, she is in lingerie, well on the bottom half.  I think its so adorable that she describes herself as a “beach bug” or at least thats what the article says. Her super cute brown sky high hair is great and I love the attitude she exudes in her pictures, she’s such a badass with her heels and hose.  Enjoy!