Femme Flashbulb Frolic 1965

A Chicago press/advertising industry party is the subject of this pictorial. The ladies featured are models, show biz girls, and ‘entertainers’ looking for their big break, and trying to impress the men who can take them places. The write up explains that parties like this have resulted in many ladies successful modeling careers because they are able to catch the eye of commercial photographers and ‘ad men.’ The pictures depict what looks like a pretty rad party form 1965, some girls wearing pasties, some not, but all running around having a great time with older men who are fully clothed. Although, like the article says, there are a few male models looking for their big break as well. Looks like a pretty swinging party! My fave is the chick smoking with her pasties on like its not a big deal, love! Enjoy!

One thought on “Femme Flashbulb Frolic 1965

  1. It is cool to see this stuff… Brings back old memories of when I was 7 and I would go in the bathroom and pretend I was using It. I would open up a little drawer where my dad thought books where a great place to hide, well I found them this was 40 years ago and still wish I had those books.

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