Blast! Issue 1 Cover

Starting things off is Blast! Issue #1

‘An unsophisticated approach to masculine pleasure’

These are front and back covers of the first issue . I cannot find her name anywhere but she does have a pictorial in the magazine I will post too! This was one of my first vintage smut mags and I just love her almost sensual but kind of annoyed expression. My issue of Blast! #1 is falling apart which is disappointing cuz it is a first issue. I doubt its worth more than the $4 I paid for it, but just for my own collection it sucks the cover is coming off. Also when I scanned it I super mixed up the pages, which don’t have numbers. Oops. So my first time is going great. Enjoy! 

Front Cover
Blast! #1 Vingage Men's Mag

Back CoverBlast! #1 Vingage Men's Mag

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