Vicky’s Room At The Top

Here’s the second pictorial from Topper 1965 featuring Vicki Ludovisi and a second bonus pictorial featuring Soledad Miranda, both actresses in Europe at the time. Vicky is adorable and has a very stylish 60’s bob, with the cutest little smile and big sparkling eyes. I’d say she’s one of the cutest in the magazine, although her pictorial is one of the shortest featured. Soledad has the shortest pictorial in the magazine, and sadly isn’t nude, just a bit naughty. In 1965 she had barely been introduced to American audiences, her short write up is about her success in Spain, and a few upcoming films (Pyro, The Castilian, etc). This native of Portugal, says she likes American men, she says ‘they are so virile.’ In 1965 she was the highest paid fashion models in Spain, not bad for a 20 year old.

“Literally, Soledad Miranda is a precious addition to the Topper gallery- and she acts too!”

I really think Topper’s photo’s are well shot and are some of the more artistic I have seen, in the smut genre. Hope you like the two for one blog posts, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Vicky’s Room At The Top

  1. Soledad Miranda? The name rings a bell to me…I think I stumbled upon a pic of her in one of my coffee-table sized book: “Taschen’s The Big Butt Book.” She was also in a few cult films, and sings…so that gives her beauty an extra dimension. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love the pics you post of women from the 60’s era even though I was born in 1966 I am so intrigued with the beauty.

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