Blonde with a Mint Twist

Wow, way too long guys! I actually picked up some new mags this weekend, but I have a few more pictorials to post from Rapture, so I better get going on that! This post is all about Sherri Scott, who is a model from Brooklyn and is described in the first sentence as ‘pert.’ She’s studying ‘dramatics’ and hopes to become an actress, but I guess for now she’s settling for modeling. Apparently she loves football, both New York teams, which is adorbs. I love her pictures, she’s got a great hair flip and is in a sexy hat and super long thigh highs, underpants and gloves. She has a super cute sixties style, I’m loving her makeup. I’d say my fave pic is the green tinted candy one, I know this pictorial is one everyone will like, she’s a great model. Enjoy!

Champ of the 3 Cushion Shot

Hey guys, I haven’t had too much time lately to write blog posts, but I do have lots of stuff scanned. So I was thinking I could do a few quickie posts, who has time to read anyway?! Here is Cathy Channing from Rapture 1963 messing up the felt on the pool table at The San Francisco Athletic Club. Enjoy!

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Hat

Happy Happy New Year!

Alright guys lets jump right into Rapture 1963 with ‘It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Hat’! It’s an odd headline but Jennifer Edlund is adorable in her hat. She’s just lounging around in her tights, topless, no big deal, with a hat on top. The article talks about how she is a skillful hat and dress designer, although that’s not her profession; Jennifer is a PE teacher in Atlanta. Which is kind of interesting to note, because today a lady teacher could get fired for posing topless. I like the pictures, my fave would be the one where her tights are half down her butt and she is looking over her shoulder at the camera, it also has interesting coloring, I think they must have colored the negative to get that effect. I thought it was a cute article, but then I came across this line- “Like most women, she has a problem making up her mind, so she solves it by just taking both hats home” I don’t think its crazy to think you can show topless ladies with out being condescending, geez Rapture. Oh well, I’m still a fan. Enjoy!

New Magazine- Rapture from 1963

New magazine day! I am really excited about this new mag Rapture from 1963. It’s a Parliament Publication- those are my absolute fave! So this post is the cover/back and a few other pics that I can’t find any credits for; it’s kind of a random mix. I am also pretty sure that the cover girl isn’t in the mag, as well as the centerfold. Parliament has such a beautifully innocent trashy aesthetic and its just great. If you look in the archives Pagan from 1965 is also one of their publications. I know you’re gonna love this magazine as much as I do, the ladies are adorbs, along with the styling, art direction, sets, makeup- all of it! Enjoy!

Rub A Dub Dub

Sort lil teeny bonus post just for Thanksgiving! Rub A Dub Dub 1961! There’s no room for false modesty in the life of a girl who has learned how to relax and have fun. Don’t be narrow minded, let yourself go, and jump in the tub with Freddi Robbins. She’s cute and has a lager butt than most in this magazine; always something to admire and praise. I love her messy hair and relaxed style. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish

This article is strange. I suppose its supposed to be poetic or artistic? Here’s an excerpt: “Tiring of her exercises, the girl took off the sweater and played awhile with her dog, enjoying the feel of the poodle fur against her flesh. Then she put on her dancing girl skirt and practiced sultry routines, while the desert sun throbbed in accompaniment.” I’m just not sure how to describe this write up. Anyway, Maritza Antoinette is Spree’s choice for Harem Girl of 1961! Her pictures are great, she’s dancing and posing in the desert sun. Glistening sand…Burning sun…and Twirling Hips! She poses in a skirt, with a towel and in bikini bottoms, because I guess the desert is kinda like a beach? The pictorial isn’t super 60’s styled but the poses sure are and the black and white contrast makes the pictures glamourous. One more thing, half are kinda sepia tone and the other half are blueish/photo copy like, this is how they are in the magazine, I left it untouched, true to the original printing, even though it kinda bothers me. So, let’s get into the pictures, Enjoy!

Those Bedroom Blues

It’s early morning blues for beautiful Beverly Bailey! This is like a non-article, there’s not actual info about Beverly, rather a fantasy about how she likes to lie in her bed all day and night until she needed money so she became a model and now has to get up early. It’s kinda odd, but most girlie mag articles seem made up anyway. It feels like they had the pictorial spread and did a write up that might go along with it; like ‘how can we explain why this pictorial is Beverly lounging around her bed?’ The pictures themselves are beautiful and artistically done. Beverly is so soft and cute and classically beautiful. Beverly was definitely model material. Hope you like the second pictorial from Spree 1961! Enjoy!

Joyce’s Sex Pool

Joyce Wagner loves her backyard pool! Her pictorial is featured in Spree No. 22 1961 and it’s my fave from this issue. Her playpen is her backyard pool, where she enjoys the trill of bathing nude and because “her body craves more intimate contact with the water.” Joyce is a phys ed major and a cheerleader. Her pictures are great, they really show her personality and she seems to be having a great time. Being in the pool with water drops on her body makes her pics so much hotter, and that smile makes her approachable. Joyce Wagner- 5’5” of dripping darling! Enjoy!

Tahitian Bronze and Bosomy

Malia is looking for a husband, and any man will do! I’m assuming the reader will hope he is the one who will do. The article states that there are nine women for every man on the island, so you have a pretty good chance of attracting one of these exotic ladies. This issue of King’s Man 1960 has a number of ‘Island Girl’ spreads; Malia’s article features only one brown-eyed, raven-haired ‘Polynesian lovely.’ I like her black and white pictorial, obviously with color you can get the rich island hues but I think the shadows and contrast really work. What a tropical babe! Enjoy!