The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish

This article is strange. I suppose its supposed to be poetic or artistic? Here’s an excerpt: “Tiring of her exercises, the girl took off the sweater and played awhile with her dog, enjoying the feel of the poodle fur against her flesh. Then she put on her dancing girl skirt and practiced sultry routines, while the desert sun throbbed in accompaniment.” I’m just not sure how to describe this write up. Anyway, Maritza Antoinette is Spree’s choice for Harem Girl of 1961! Her pictures are great, she’s dancing and posing in the desert sun. Glistening sand…Burning sun…and Twirling Hips! She poses in a skirt, with a towel and in bikini bottoms, because I guess the desert is kinda like a beach? The pictorial isn’t super 60’s styled but the poses sure are and the black and white contrast makes the pictures glamourous. One more thing, half are kinda sepia tone and the other half are blueish/photo copy like, this is how they are in the magazine, I left it untouched, true to the original printing, even though it kinda bothers me. So, let’s get into the pictures, Enjoy!

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