Twinkle Toes!

Deirdre D’Agneau’s pictorial is only four pictures, one of them color, but they pack a punch. Her article explains she is an ex-ballerina because as she hit puberty she became top heavy, something you can check out for yourself. Her pictures have a sweet innocence often seen in the 60’s, with her cute smile, soft make up and ease in front of the camera. A quick search yielded me nothing in the way of information about her; I would be willing to bet she only modeled a few times. I’m gonna have to start scanning a new mag, as there’s only a few more short pictorials left in Gentlemen Yearbook. My goal is more content, to keep ya’ll warm this winter, so keep an eye out. Enjoy!

New Mag Gentlemen Year Book 1966

I literally didn’t realize how long it’s been since I have posted. I thought it had been like two months! The hiatus hasn’t been for lack of content, living in SF gives me plenty of vintage smut resources. Until all the smut stores are forced out in favor of luxury hi-rises of course.

Enough of me, on to Gentlemen Year Book 1966! A volume featuring their best for 1966 including some great pictures. As I always do here’s the cover and first pictorial. This first pictorial features Ivy Gentry, a young looking 18 year old, something they definitely highlight. Check out her adorable pictorial here! Enjoy!


The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish

This article is strange. I suppose its supposed to be poetic or artistic? Here’s an excerpt: “Tiring of her exercises, the girl took off the sweater and played awhile with her dog, enjoying the feel of the poodle fur against her flesh. Then she put on her dancing girl skirt and practiced sultry routines, while the desert sun throbbed in accompaniment.” I’m just not sure how to describe this write up. Anyway, Maritza Antoinette is Spree’s choice for Harem Girl of 1961! Her pictures are great, she’s dancing and posing in the desert sun. Glistening sand…Burning sun…and Twirling Hips! She poses in a skirt, with a towel and in bikini bottoms, because I guess the desert is kinda like a beach? The pictorial isn’t super 60’s styled but the poses sure are and the black and white contrast makes the pictures glamourous. One more thing, half are kinda sepia tone and the other half are blueish/photo copy like, this is how they are in the magazine, I left it untouched, true to the original printing, even though it kinda bothers me. So, let’s get into the pictures, Enjoy!